Nowadays, fibre optic solutions are becoming more and more common when it comes to building extensive Internet networks, which are available not only for business but also for residential.

Extralink meets the expectations of network service providers by providing high quality products tailored to the diverse needs of customers. Extralink aims to put the customer in first place and want everyone to have the opportunity and pleasure to use fast and trouble free access to a broadband internet connection.

Extralink offers a wide range of devices and network accessories. The offer is addressed not only to large network service providers but to home users of network equipment who want to expand their knowledge about the operation of computer networks. Creating new networks or developing existing ones based on fibre optic communication can become extremely easy.

Extralink offers professional and comprehensive solutions for fibre-optic networks, starting from advanced OLT terminal devices, through ONU client devices, cables, SFP modules, pole boxes, fiber optic welders, ending with PON network accessories such as: patchcords, pigtails, adapters, splitters, anchoring clamps and patch panels.

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