SAT17 Optical Fusion Splicer


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The SAT-17T fusion splicer adopts the most accurate core alignment technology, the new imaging system and digital processing technology. It is a new type of fiber splicing device suitable for optical fiber splicing of main lines, FTTH and security.

Simple and intuitive operating system, high-resolution 4.3" colour LCD display, high-capacity lithium battery, a new soft cover windshield, dual LED white light and other designs, all for a long time field work to provide more effective protection.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Low Splice Loss
  • Mirror Less Design
  • Low Weight, Less than 2Kg with Battery and Bumper
  • Full Automatic Heater
  • 7 sec Fast Splicing
  • 7800mAH Large Li Battery Pack
  • Compatible with Bare Fibre, Tail Fibre and Indoor Cable
  • Wind Protect, Dust-Proof, Water-Proof

Rental Options

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    Deposit R 5 000 Greater of 10% or R2 500
    Daily Rate R 500 R 45 Greater of 10% or R2 500
    Weekly Rate R 2 595 R 315 Greater of 10% or R2 500
    Monthly Rate R 7 895 R 1 350 Greater of 10% or R2 500


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