ALGcom 5GHz 29.5dBi Ultra High Performance Shield Antenna | PS-5800-29-06-DP-UHP



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In high interference environments, the ALGcom PS-5800-29-06-DP-UHP is a state-of-the-art antenna that features the highest shielding in the market. The ultra-efficient shield combined with the RF absorber foam and a new lens technology guarantees suppressed secondary lobes at levels below -50 dB.

Product Features

  • Side shielding ensures excellent radiation pattern in high interference environment
  • The radome increases product lifetime and performance on rainy days
  • Side lobes suppressed to levels below 40 dB
  • More stable connections with maximum throughput over short and long distances
  • Higher front-to-back
  • Easy alignment
  • Deep dish mode



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